What Does Margaret Do?

"I provide unique and quality designs for print and online media. I value excellence in all my work, where "good enough" is never OK. I love what I do and have a head for paying attention to the big picture as well as the finer details of any project. Whether your needs are unusual and involved, or simple and straightforward, I'm happy to help your business thrive. Much of my work is project based, although some of what I do is self-motivated such as typography design and stock image creation. My studio is devoted to three main passions: design, writing, and fine art endeavors. I find inspiration for my work from people, philosophical ideas, and the world around us. In my spare time I enjoy wine tasting and travel."

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What Are Her Specialties?

"I thrive on design challenges where custom illustration of concepts comes into play in designing promotional materials for clients. My aesthetic style emphasizes bold contrasts and balanced composition and pleasing color harmony with a bit of "edge" and deliberate use of tension for dramatic affect."


What's Her Training?

"I studied art and design at SJSU in California. Continually honing my skills, I have taken on the challenge of earning a Graphic Design Bachelor's Degree from the Art Institute. Additionally, I enjoy taking design workshops, investing in the latest design techniques and tools, and networking with other members of the Seattle chapter of AIGA has helped me to enrich my understanding of these fields."


What's Her Experience?

"I have been drawing since I was a child, and exhibiting my art since 1998. While alwasy fascinated by design work, both print media and digital, my experience creating web sites from scratch has come into its own quite recently. I have extensive experience in desktop publishing, writing copy, illustration, creating outreach and promotional communications pieces, and more."


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